Well, I got lots of goodies in the mail today, but not the one thing that I have been waiting for for 3 weeks now, lol. Maybe that will come sometime before 2013. :-O

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream is from BzzAgent – if you haven’t signed up with them yet, do it right now! They send you some really super nice full sized products to review and talk about, and generally create “buzz” about. I have received some free Green Mountain Wellness K Cups, Afrin nasal spray, Lean Cuisine, and more from them, all in the last month or 2. I am trying the hand cream right now, it smells really good, and it made my hands feel tons better after just 1 use. It’s so cold here right now, my hands have been chapped and the skin was kind of flaky. Gross. Now they are soft and smell awesome. 😀

The Olay CC Cream is a Klout Perk – Klout is a site that measures your social media influence and rewards you for being influential. I have received TONS of super nice stuff from them.

The Schiff digestive advantage is from a Dr. Oz giveaway, watch his website for future giveaways.

The other stuff, Chocolate Cream of Wheat, GoodNites bed mat, Tom’s of Maine deodorant, Caress body wash – those are all things that I signed up for, from various giveaways. Check out the Facebook pages of your favorite companies, many of them do samples and giveaways every day!


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